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Self-heating Tourmaline Waist Support Brace
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Are you having some back problems?

Let us introduce you to our Tourmaline Self-Heating Waist Belt that provides you with support, heat, and massage. It can improve the microcirculation of your waist, promote fracture healing, and improve waist strength. This amazing belt has four medical orthopedic steel plate strips that protect the lumbar spine and help the recovery and balance of the body. It is built with a thermal acupuncture dot matrix, heating fast and having a lasting effect. The high-elastic fiber cloth is soft to the touch. The black color is perfect to suit any moment of your life.


  • Suitable waist             
  • S: 60 – 74 cm
  • M: 74 – 86 cm
  • L: 86 – 100 cm
  • XL: 100 – 113 cm


  • Materials: Tourmaline powder, magnetic balls, cotton, and polyester
  • Weight: 150 g
  • Color: Black

What are you waiting for? Support your back now!