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Staying warm is a must for many Arthritis Fighters.  

Keep your Portable Fan Heater with you and you'll be able to stay warm anytime, anyplace!  In fact, it comes with a cord AND an attached stand ... you choose to set it up wherever you like! Whether you're watching your favorite tv show, or working at your office, YOU choose the temperature! 

Why does the Portable Fan Heater work so well?  It's like having a mini heater wherever you go ... You don't need to haul a space heater around, or crank up the heat so you can feel comfortably warm, while everyone around you complains that they're hot. You won't even have to add layers to keep you warm!! 

Our Portable Fan Heater is small enough to warm up the air right where you direct it. Keeping warm is the main thing. Your hands and feet will thank you! And you will stay warm!  AND ... it has overheat protection so you'll never have to worry. You'll love it!  

The unit is approximately 2.9" x 4.7"



  • Electric Heater Type: Fan Heater
  • Function: Overheat Protection