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Far Infrared Electric Heating Knee Pads
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If your knees are a major point of concern for you, you need to try these easy-to-use knee pads with far infrared heating that can reach a constant temperature of 70º Celsius to effectively alleviate pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis.

Our knee pads are built with high-quality fabrics that are soft and comfortable to touch. Moreover, they are made of carbon fiber wire to heat faster and more securely.

Use them at home, while traveling, or at the office. 

Input Voltage: 220V
Power: 30W
Temperature Regulation: 25-70

How to use:

Put the knee pads on your knees before turning them on.

  • Turn on the power; the switch should be adjusted to "open." The power light will come on.
  • To adjust the temperature, turn the knob switch to the right and twist to the highest gear. When the product is hot, you can adjust the temperature according to your needs.
  • Once finished, first adjust it to the lowest temperature, and then turn off the power switch.


    • Voltage: 220V
    • Power: 30W
    • Color: Blue
    • Heating Temperature: 15º-50º Celsius
    • Knee Width: 55 cm