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5 Piece Exercise Ball Set
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Are you stress out by the fast-paced life? Do you want to find a way to relieve your sad feelings and work pressure? This relief exercise ball is specially designed for you to release stress in daily life and help you gain more confidence and passion of life. Moreover, it can also be used as therapy tool for Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel and Stroke.


- Brand: PBPBOX.
- Color: Yellow, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple.
- Marerial: TPR.
- Size: Approx 5.3 * 5.3 * 5.3cm/2.09 * 2.09 * 2.09inch(L*W*H).
- Made of TPR, the stress relief ball can keep their original shape after being repeatedly compressed.
- Include 2 types therapy balls. The resistance levels include: Yellow and Green(slightly soft); Blue, purple and Red(moderately hard). Please choose a suitable  resistance according to your own need.
- Multi-functional. It can relieve daily stress and strengthen your hands, forearms and fingers with simple exercise. Suitable for men, women and kids.
- It can help you gain confidence, dexterity and strength. Through exercise and training, you will make gradual progress of finger for guitar, piano, violin and rock climbing.
- It is also a great rehabilitation tool. Nice training ball for hand injury.