Why the Arthritis Store? Why me?

It was a combination of circumstances that led me to acquiring the https://therastores.com.-now changed to the Arthritis Store.
Just one of those quirks or collisions of fate that sometimes happen to all of us when we least expect it.
Firstly, my business partner of 30 years was diagnosed with the condition and had found it difficult to source and buy products that might help alleviate her symptoms.
Secondly, it complements our publication: PURE Living Nashville and as I became more involved with this whole subject, the topic of RA kept coming up as a condition that was all too common for many people.
Thirdly, the site therastores.com/ came up for sale just as I was looking to become more involved in e-commerce.
Whether this combination of circumstances automatically means success is at hand, is very much up to you our customers and potential customers. So, I will very much appreciate your feedback, comments or ideas about how we can improve on what we are doing.
Contact me at support@phrmedia.com
Thanks for your time and interest.

Paul Rowney

CEO The Arthritis Store