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Easy Open-Alkaline Ionizer Water Bottle
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Easy Open Water Bottles  

What's the big deal about our Alkaline Ionizer Water Bottle? And what does that really mean?  

Here's a free tutorial for you about the importance of energized, alkaline water. 

  • It will neutralize the acid in your body.  Why do we care about that? Illness, yeast, and bacteria thrive in an acidic body.  
  • Hydration is an obvious requirement for good health.  But hydrating with energized water means you're putting the stuff your body is made of back into your body to help with healthy cell renewal.
  • The ionizer in our Alkaline Ionizer Water Bottle rids your water of impurities. Noone wants impurities in their water!

In addition, our Alkaline Ionizer Water Bottle comes with a vacuum design, allowing your water to stay cold for up to 24 hours, it has an awesome duo-filter in it, and it comes in four colors.

What's not to love? Honestly, you'll never need another water bottle!

Instead of just drinking water, drink alkaline, ionized, re-energized water and give your body a boost toward self-healing!